Friday, 18 April 2008

Massive Attack - Meltdown @ SouthBank Centre

It's getting closer....

We're excited! We love Grant and Delj. Meltdown should be more than a music festival, and hopefully very visual. I can't wait to hear who's playing on Sunday.

If you live in Bristol you'll encounter Massive Attack in one form or another, whether you see Grant driving around in his Westfalia VW or DJing at a venue in the city. If you keep your eyes open, they're very much part of the city I've been part of too, and they're never predictable and corporate.

My first big gig thing with them was I think in '94 at Ashton Court house, where you were greeted by a 5ft model of 'EuroChild' in all it's vinyl glory, and you then had a choice of going to the chill out room, where Grant was DJing or going to another room where there was a buffet (complete with vol-au-vents and things on sticks). It was a pretty strange gig, but at least it was memorable.

Roll on Sunday!

Monday, 7 April 2008

Smorkin' Labbit Stool - Kozik

I sooooo want this. Kozik is still producing fabulous toy-related artifacts even though he's changed direction in his work. The smokin' rabbit still lives on.

Get your smorkin' labbit sit-ey down thing here from KidRobot for £1000.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Loving the Etsy - Ramones Window Shades

I love Etsy, it brings together creative peoples mad ideas and finds homes for them all over the world.

I particularly like this little find. They also do Johnny and June Cash! (cute Boston Terrier too!)

The Seller is Drinkanddream.