Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Big balls of knitting, Friend & Co, and the Croft

I'm so behind on my blogging, I've decided to blog some easy pix and very recent ones.

Pictures are from the last 'Friend and Co' gallery exhibition last Wednesday, which had some special local guest work, Mr Jago, Inkie (although late with his submission), 45RPM etc. Having been to a few mediocre street art events (which will remain nameless), we think a few choice pieces is better than flooding the venue). It was also good to see Geoff handing out the mince pies and mulled cider (yummm), and we had a lovely chat with Mr Jago, who has a whole lot of stuff going on next year.

I submitted and bought a cute little skull painting from Dave Whittle, who's work seems to appear all over the place in magazines and videos but you wouldn't know it.

Great giant knitting balls of fire! Part of John Lewis' christmas display.

Also, some nice work going on at the Croft. We like a bit of font work.

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